If you were lying on your back at Adam-ondi-Ahman on a perfect afternoon with birds singing and a cool breeze blowing, this is what you’d see when you opened your eyes. Gorgeous. #atxcampnauvoo

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Me at Adam-Ondi-Ahman. Incredibly peaceful, beautiful place. What you can’t see is the mild vertigo attack I’m having. Couldn’t think of a better place to have it, got to stretch out in the grass and wait for it to pass. #atxcampnauvoo

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Oklahoma City #atxcampnauvoo

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The Nauvoo pageant begins! (From our 2nd night there. The British pageant was also amazing, but the weather was a bit less cooperative- cold and wet like a London fog, so maybe strangely appropriate? #atxcampnauvoo

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Out front of the Nauvoo Temple is a statue honoring Joseph and Hyrum Smith. That’s my daughter on the right and two of her friends from church. #atxcampnauvoo

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