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Your Illustrious Host
Your Illustrious Host

Seems like a good time to clear away the past and start over. Besides, a lot of what I’ve written before doesn’t seem to apply any more, and it was time for a change. So, I’m clearing the decks, cleaning the board, and clearing the slate. Reboot. In fact, re-install the OS. Start over. Ground zero. And see where we go from here.

I mean, some things will never change. Careful observers will see me wearing a “Talk Poké to Me” t-shirt. And you can catch the outline of a Cherry Coke Zero can there. Over my shoulder, Star Wars Legos, D&D books, the US flag…

But it’s time to re-start the conversation I’m having with… well, myself, I guess, and anyone who feels the need can chime in if you feel like it.

Had a bit of a conversation earlier today on Facebook, where someone said that to maintain friendships, they’d long ago learned that they needed to be completely silent on politics. That bothered me. More than bothered me, it convicted me. For a couple of years, I’ve been really quiet. That’s not always the best policy, because it means we’re never heard.

More speech, not less. More talking, more sharing. My daughter has been quoting the Magic School Bus a lot around me lately: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.”

Part of that will certainly be in audio, as a reboot of Gut Check Cast. No idea what the format will be, but let’s just say I’ve more than reset any gains I made during that exercise (hah! See what I did there? Because GutCheck… was about… losing weight… which meant exercise… and oh look I’ve killed the joke), and it’s time to start doing something positive about that.

Part of that will almost certainly be in fiction, as I’ve let that particular field lie fallow for years. I told myself that it was because of a particularly onerous clause in an employment contract, but the truth is I got lazy. And then I got scared, and it’s time to get moving. Even if I’m still scared. I will need to re-learn a lot of what I knew, and I’m WAY too far behind in NaNoWriMo, but it’s time to get back on that stick also.

So, reboot, restart, re-do, re-learn. New fresh look, new fresh digs, same old me. What could possibly go wrong?

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