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Social Media and Politics

I do not believe that I will convince anyone to change their mind on matters of politics through a Facebook post. If you and I are of a similar mind, what I say might get a “heck yeah”. If you’re opposed, it’ll get an “oh no he didn’t!” Thus flame wars are born afresh across the internet. And people get upset. And then they share with their friends. And then they get upset. I complain about all the crazy people in my feed. And share with my friends. Then they get upset. And on and on and on we go, arguing endlessly and never coming to anything remotely approaching understanding much less agreement. Facebook allows for easy shouting, but not so much for quiet conversation.

Clean Slate

Your Illustrious Host
Your Illustrious Host

Seems like a good time to clear away the past and start over. Besides, a lot of what I’ve written before doesn’t seem to apply any more, and it was time for a change. So, I’m clearing the decks, cleaning the board, and clearing the slate. Reboot. In fact, re-install the OS. Start over. Ground zero. And see where we go from here.

I mean, some things will never change. Careful observers will see me wearing a “Talk Poké to Me” t-shirt. And you can catch the outline of a Cherry Coke Zero can there. Over my shoulder, Star Wars Legos, D&D books, the US flag…