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Brain Fries With a Side of the Bard

After a long day of technical word-herding I find myself sitting down again for a swipe at blogging.

But there’s a good chance that it’s not going to get posted in time, because as I’m writing this, my website appears to be down with a 502 error. Ang mga problema ko!

Ah well.

The writing I was doing basically consists of taking the various rules of civil and criminal procedure for both the Federal and State courts and creating lists of deadlines for when things have to be submitted, how much time is allowed to respond to this or that, a general idea of how soon a court will respond to one thing or another, etc., etc., etc.

Two More Shows

Adventure time has gotten really weird lately.

I mean, okay, it’s kind of always been weird. That’s kind of its deal. But I just realized that I’m, like, twenty episodes behind and in serious need of some catching up. And when I say weird, I’m probably just having a delayed reaction to the most recent Lemongrab episode, Too Old, which I found… odd isn’t a strong enough word.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Earl of Lemongrab, and you have little interest in the show… go YouTube some Lemongrab. He’s weird. (PUT YOU IN MY OVEN!)


Day 3 – The Straightness of our Rows

So, last night I hinted about talking somewhat about the quality of, nature of, need for… work.

I grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, and the one thing my dad tried (to varying degrees of success) to drill into my head was the need for work. That work could be its own reward. That productive labor was good for you in both mind, body and soul. And as I was listening to one of my favorite shows today, I heard him talking about farming and straight rows. It reminded me of my Dad.


I am a huge fan of anime, and if I’m watching tv, one of two things is going on.

  1. My wife is watching something, and it has pulled my attention away from whatever I am doing at the computer.
  2. It’s anime.

But anime, like any art form, has its tropes and cliches. It has certain themes that it likes to come back to and play with. And sometimes it gets kind of… well… predictable.

I can’t be right.

The thing about the most recent kerfuffle (and yeah, I’m using that word on purpose) in the SFWA writing community is, there’s no good answer here. People on both sides have interesting points, I care about and respect people on both sides.

And if you haven’t heard about the kerfuffle, count your blessings.